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Storytellers On Tour Presents: Finding Your Harpy Place by D.H. Willison

Storytellers On Tour is excited to present the Finding Your Harpy Place Book Tour, which will take place from November 15th through November 21st. We have a lovely lineup helping us feature Finding Your Harpy Place, the follow-up standalone novel to D.H. Willison’s Harpyness is Only Skin Deep. Be sure to check in all throughout the week for incredible content.

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Finding Your Harpy Place by D.H. Willison

Life is a journey. On Arvia, it’s a perilous one.

Darin, a human of extraordinary unimpressiveness, astounded observers by surviving his first year on the mythical world of Arvia. His training and equipment may be questionable, but at least his best friend, Rinloh, an accident-prone harpy the size of a three-story building, is willing to lend a hand. Or a wing. Yet when an ancient magic artifact leaves a trail of chaos in its wake, it’s no longer just the giant mythical monsters he has to worry about.

Rinloh, a harpy whose unbridled enthusiasm leads to the occasional sundry destruction, charges into things talons first. Her curiosity is as insatiable as her flockmate’s appetite for human flesh, yet she can’t protect Darin from them until she becomes full-fledged. Regrettably, the test is a human hunt.

A distant forest may hold answers to both quests, yet who dares venture where even harpies fear tread?

Life is a journey. Sometimes the most important journeys are within.

Finding Your Harpy Place, a new adventure on Arvia, a beautiful world filled with colorful, larger-than-life characters and ravenous mythical monsters more colorful and larger still. Experience it from the safety of your favorite armchair.

Finding Your Harpy Place by D.H. Willison

GENRE: Fantasy


PUBLISHED: November 14, 2020

PAGES: 431

D.H. Willison

D.H. Willison is a reader, writer, game enthusiast and developer, engineer, and history enthusiast. He’s lived around the world, absorbing history, culture, and food. Actually he’s eaten the food. It has been verified that he is a complex, multicellular life form. Fascinated by nature, technology, and history, and especially anything that can put all three of these together, he has an annoying habit of dragging his wife to the most unromantic destinations imaginable, including outdoor museums, authentic castle dungeons, the holds of tall ships, and even the tunnels of the Maginot Line.

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