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Storytellers On Tour Presents: To Dream and Die as a Taniwha Girl by Benedict Patrick

Storytellers On Tour is excited to present the To Dream and to Die as a Taniwha Girl Book Tour, which will take place from November 18th through November 24th. We have a lovely lineup helping us feature To Dream and to Die as a Taniwha Girl, a novel in Benedict Patrick’s Yarnsworld series. Be sure to check in all throughout the week for incredible content.

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To Dream and Die as a Taniwha Girl by Benedict Patrick

There is a price to pay for becoming a story.

Kaimana has defied the gods and won the freedom to spend the rest of her days travelling the collection of tropical islands she calls home.

But the people of the islands have taken notice of her.

They have started to tell her story; for many children, one of their favourite fireside tales is now that of the Taniwha Girl, the brave woman who befriends monsters.

Some islanders even pray to her.

The gods are displeased, but they are not the only ones paying attention to Kaimana’s rise to fame. On the borders of the island ring, an ancient demon – an old enemy of the Crescent Atoll – spreads its influence, and a spider-faced figure shadows Kaimana’s movements.

To secure her own safety, and that of her island home, Kaimana has to make a choice: turn her back on the people of the Crescent Atoll and continue enjoying the life she has won for herself, or give up all she holds dear to live up to the legend of the Taniwha Girl.

‘To Dream and Die As A Taniwha Girl’ is the first Yarnsworld novel to debut on Kickstarter! Help out our campaign today to be one of the first to get your hands on this epic tale of gods, monsters, and destiny.

To Dream and Die as a Taniwha Girl by Benedict Patrick

GENRE: Fantasy, Folklore


PUBLISHED: November 2020

PAGES: 287

Benedict PatrickBenedict Patrick is from a small town in Northern Ireland called Banbridge, but has been living and working in Scotland since he moved there at the age of eighteen. Tragically, that was quite a while ago.

He has been writing for most of his life, and has been reading for pretty much all of it (with help from mum and dad at the beginning). Benedict’s life changed when a substitute primary school teacher read his class part of The Hobbit and later loaned him the book – he fell in love with the fantasy genre and never looked back.

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