Book Blitz Sign-Up: Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel

Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel

London, 2045. Cameron Silvera’s cybersecurity team has just stopped the Speakeasy ransomware attack in its tracks. But the celebrations are put on hold as they dig deeper and find that cybercriminals have left a coded warning of chaos to come. A long-dormant worm hidden in plain sight triggers a hurricane of new malware.  Cameron’s trusted lieutenant, Ross, falls victim to blackmail, and a journalist betrays a secret which puts them all in danger. A storm of tech disasters threatens to overwhelm the close-knit team. Ross must decide where his loyalties lie, while Cameron battles against all the odds to prevent the shadowy criminal masterminds from taking their prize.

Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel

SERIES: SimCavalier (#1)

PUBLISHED: October 29, 2020 by Sixth Element Publishing

GENRE: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Thriller

PAGES: 262

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We’re organizing a three-day Book Blitz for Kate Baucherel’s Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Thriller novel, Bitcoin Hurricane, which will take place from April 12th–14th. This is not a scheduled event, and you may post at any time during this three day window.

Any and all are welcome to join – both blogs and social media accounts are acceptable. All participants will receive eBooks to read and review if you choose to do so, however we encourage spotlights and other bookish features, including, but not limited to, interviews and guest posts. Excerpts will be available for you to share, as well. Physical copies will not be available for this event.

Kate Baucherel

A sci fi fan since first seeing the Daleks from behind the sofa, Kate Baucherel has worked in and around technical businesses since before the world wide web was invented. She channels the technologies that she sees day to day into the SimCavalier sci fi series, bringing alive a new world that is only a few decades beyond us. When not writing, Kate is an international keynote speaker and digital strategy consultant specialising in the application of emerging technologies, with a focus on the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. She lives in the UK with her husband, two children, and two cats.

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