Book Tour: Transference by B.T. Keaton

Storytellers On Tour is excited to present the Transference Book Tour, which will take place from July 28th through August 3rd. We have a lovely lineup of Bloggers and Bookstagrammers helping us featuring B.T. Keaton’s Dystopian Science Fiction novel, Transference. Be sure to check in all throughout the week for incredible content.

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Transference by B.T. Keaton

Rebellion. Revenge. Revelation.

Barrabas Madzimure is banished to the desert planet Eridania for his many crimes. Slaves to the Church and to the will of its prophet Jovian, a charismatic figurehead who rules everything on Earth, Madzimure and his cohorts toil underground digging endlessly for the substance eridanium—the source of Jovian’s alien power.

But Madzimure can no longer hide from his past. Facing execution, he claims to have once been Thaniel Kilraven, transferred decades earlier into the body of Madzimure against his will. Under interrogation the stories of both men are brought to light, and the terrible fate of the lost Kilraven bloodline is revealed.

Madzimure escapes, knowing the only way to salvage what’s left of the Kilraven name and confront his destiny—and Jovian—is by facing them head on. But the horrific truths he finds on Earth might be the undoing of all mankind. What if everything humanity believed about civilization was a lie? Will anything or anyone be left from the fallout?

Transference by B.T. Keaton

PUBLISHED: January 13, 2020

PAGES: 381

GENRE: Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction

PUBLISHER: Self-Published


CW: Cannibalism (one chapter), Violence

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B.T. Keaton

Brandon Keaton is a citizen of Aotearoa, and has called its beautiful capital city of Wellington home for over ten years. Some of his career highlights include slaving joyfully in big-box retail, making coffee for advertising execs, and duty-managing a craft beer brewery. He is also passionate about animals and has an undying affinity for gummy bears. Brandon is a member of The Science Fiction & Fantasy Association of New Zealand and The Libertarian Futurist Society. He is currently penning the sequel to TRANSFERENCE, his debut indie novel.

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