Book Tour: Eulogy for the Dawn by Jeramy Goble

Eulogy for the Dawn by Jeramy Goble animated cover

Domaren constructs peace using his tools of war. He is a silencer of rebellions and a butcher of tyrants. To some, he is a champion defender. To others, he is a merciless eradicator. Together with his fellow Godknights, Domaren wields might and magic to carry out the will of the creators.

But the creators have suddenly gone silent.

As the last living Godknight present during the ancient rebellion known as Wrathlore, Domaren must rise above suspicions of deceit, faltering powers, and a world erupting in chaos if he hopes to learn the fate of the missing creators.

Eulogy for the Dawn by Jeramy Goble

PUBLISHED: April 29, 2021
SERIES: Wrathlore #1
GENRE: Adult Epic Fantasy
PAGES: 400
PUBLISHER: Self-Published

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We’re organizing a Book Tour for Jeramy Goble’s Epic Fantasy novel, Eulogy for the Dawn, the first book in the Wrathlore series. The tour will take place from September 1st – 7th.

We’re seeking Bloggers and Bookstagrammers to help us show Eulogy for the Dawn some love with reviews and features across blogs and social media. All participants will receive eBooks to read and review. A limited number of physical copies are available to hosts and will be distributed at the author’s discretion.

Note: Signing up does not guarantee you’ll be chosen to participate. Those selected will receive an email with more information.

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Eulogy for the Dawn by Jeramy Goble
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Jeramy Goble

Jeramy Goble is an epic fantasy and science-fiction author, originally from Morganton, North Carolina. While traveling with his sister, mother, and military father, Jeramy accumulated passions for the wonders of world faiths, and the excitement of science and technology. In addition to being an author, Jeramy is an IT professional, composer and avid gamer. After studying music, Jeramy received his bachelor’s degree in 2004. He and his wife, Julia, were married in 2010.

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