Book Tour: Child of Awareness by Abigail Silver

Child of Awareness by Abigail Silver

Fire is part of who I am. A touch of anger and the flames leap around my shoulders like an inconvenient blush.

But the conversations with my dead sister, Ariel? Well… she’s always been my little secret.

I’m not sure why I kept her from Dad. Perhaps the mortal’s fear of my fire traumatized me. As if I weren’t isolated enough as a terrified six-year-old in that government group home. If controlling fire is rejection worthy, seeing ghosts has to be a whole new level of abomination.

Dad’s like me, though – an Usuriel with his own pyrokinetic abilities and plenty of other psi I can only dream of. He’s the one who gave me a home, a family, and made me feel like I belong. He has a fair share of secrets, so maybe that’s why. If Dad taught me anything by example, its how to keep my mouth shut.

Looking back on it, that should have been my first sign keeping secrets was going to get me into trouble.

Child of Awareness by Abigail Silver

PUBLISHED: July 19th, 2021
SERIES: Redeeming Grace Trilogy #1
GENRE: Science Fiction Fantasy
PAGES: 408
PUBLISHER: Self-Published

CW: Mature language, implied sexuality, violence, self-harm, and child neglect

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We’re organizing a Book Tour for Abigail Silver’s Science Fiction Fantasy novel, Child of Awareness, the first book in the Redeeming Grace trilogy. The tour will take place from October 17th – November 2nd.

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Abigail Silver

Abigail Silver grew up in central Pennsylvania but currently makes her home near Charlotte, NC. She shares a humble, one-story abode with her husband, young son, and two fur children. She holds a BFA from Edinboro University in Applied Media Arts. She has been writing novel length work since high school, which was longer ago than she cares to admit. She grew up immersed in her father’s classic superhero comics and his collection of sci-fi thrillers. As an adult, she is an avid Star Trek and Dr. Who fan. When she isn’t reading, writing, or drawing (which is rare) she enjoys blasting music with the windows down on long car trips.

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