Book Tour: First Light by Casey E. Berger

First Light by Casey E. Berger

When Jaya Mill’s parents were killed and her brother was kidnapped in an attack on her childhood home, she saw only one future for herself: enlist in the Union Starfleet and learn to defend herself.

Now, as a lieutenant commander aboard the UNS Avalon, Jaya and her elite counterterrorism unit enlist the help of Tynan Vasuda, an alien scientist from the Szacante Federation, to investigate the potentially sinister research of the new and mysteriously well-funded Sons of Priam.

Across the stars, a bounty hunter named Marantos accepts a high-paying assassination job in hopes of putting more distance between herself and her estranged royal family. But that job draws her straight into the web that the Sons of Priam are weaving to capture the highest office of the United Human Nations.

As Marantos claws free from the Sons of Priam, her path intersects with Jaya and Tynan, and she must decide whether to keep running from her past or turn and fight this new threat. And as Jaya pushes to uncover the identity of the shadowy figure at the helm of the Sons of Priam, she begins to reveal what truly happened the night she lost her family.

What Jaya discovers will challenge everything she knows…

Don’t miss the first book in a space opera thrill ride for the ages, filled with explosive action, characters that leap off the pages, and plenty of mystery. It’s perfect for fans of The Expanse and Mass Effect.

First Light by Casey E. Berger

PUBLISHED: September 14, 2021
SERIES: The Resonance Saga #1
GENRE: Science Fiction, Space Opera
PAGES: 463
PUBLISHER: Aethon Books

CW: Violence (futuristic warfare, some knife fighting), Gore, Terrorism/mass death event due to a bioweapon, Mental illness (not dealt with explicitly, but there are definitely characters dealing with PTSD)

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We’re organizing a Book Tour for Casey E. Berger’s Sci-Fi/Space Opera novel, First Light, the first book in The Resonance Saga series, in celebration of the whole trilogy being published. The tour will take place from November 7th – 13th.

We’re seeking Bloggers and Bookstagrammers to help us show First Light some love with reviews and features across blogs and social media. All participants will receive eBooks to read and review.

For this event, physical copies won’t be available.

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Casey E. Berger

Casey E. Berger is the author of the Resonance Saga (First Light, Ursa Major, Dark Stars, Aethon Books 2021), a space opera trilogy set in the distant future of the Milky Way galaxy. She earned a PhD in computational physics from UNC Chapel Hill and has bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and film production from Boston University and in physics from the Ohio State University. Since school is obviously her natural habitat, she now works as a professor of physics, where she studies the complicated interactions of subatomic particles and encourages the next generation of brilliant scientists.

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