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Join Us!

We warmly welcome any and all Bloggers, Bookstagrammers, and Vloggers to join our ranks. Our sole intention is to get quality indie SFF books into the hands of readers and to share the love across as many platforms as possible. If you’re interested in becoming a tour host, we’re excited to have you along for the ride.

Sign-up to be notified of any upcoming events before we open the tours to the general public.

How does this all work?

When we have a title available for you, we’ll open sign-ups in order for you to join in on the fun. If you’re a Roadie, you’ll get first dibs via email before we announce on other channels. Once the slots are filled, we’ll get in touch with a schedule and further information. We provide the book, you read that lovely thing, and prepare a review for your specified day. When that day arrives, just share the love!

Is there money exchanged for your services?

Yes, all our services are paid promotional services. Funds received from authors/publishers are allocated to the organization of and creation of media assets for the event.

You can find a list of our available services, their prices, and what each service entails here.

What if I don't enjoy the book?

You can’t love ’em all! If you’re not really into a title we provide you, we’re happy to work with you to spotlight the author. Since our events are paid promotional services, we try to prevent negativity during the duration of the event itself. If you’re thinking your review will be accompanied by anything less than a three-star rating, we kindly ask that you refrain from posting it until the event concludes – afterwards is not only alright, but encouraged!

Depending on the author and the timeframe, alternate content, such as interviews or guest posts, may also be available.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Be nice – abrasiveness or offensive behavior is not in line with our mission, and will not be tolerated.

What happens if I don't post?

We’re well aware that life sometime gets in the way, and are fully supportive of our tour hosts. If you don’t think you’ll be able to post on your specified day, just let us know, and we’ll work something out. The earlier the better. If for any reason you wish to drop out of a tour, we completely respect your decision to do so.

If you just up and disappear or if it becomes a habit…well, you won’t be invited to participate in the future. Simple as that.

Keep in mind these authors are enlisting our help to spread word of their glorious little book babies. Let’s not disrespect them.

Do I get physical copies of books?

Sometimes! The answer to this question is dependent on the author of the tour itself. If they agree to sending out physical copies, then we’ll be sure to collect addresses for them to do so. However, we’ll typically distribute ebooks for events.

Is my information safe?


There are two secure services we use to collect your personal data: Mailchimp and Google Forms. Any data we collect from you is used solely for communication purposes, and your data is never shared without your expressed consent.

Some Guidelines

Sorry, there need to be some rules!

  • You must have a blog, Instagram account, or YouTube channel in order to participate.
  • You must post your reviews on your assigned day of the tour or event date. Failure to do so without contacting us will result in you not being invited to participate in future events.
  • Follow any and all guidelines and requirements set forth in the tour schedule emails.
  • Try to tag us whenever possible. We love reading and sharing your content!
  • Be nice!
Digital Property

By opting in to participating in any event we host, you agree not to share, sell, distribute, or pirate any digital property owned by the author/publisher the event is being organized for. Files provided by the author/publisher are for personal use only. If we suspect a breach of privacy, legal action will be taken.

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